Zakopane – the snow-season center of Republic of Poland.

zakopane transfer Zakopane resort is a picturesque mountainous district named the Polish winter center. Placed at the base of the Tatra mountains, it borders with the Polish Slovak boundary line. You can reach it driving approximately 100 kilometers from Krakow by car. Continue reading


Realize the normal being of the deportees in collections of Auschwitz Birkenau.

concentration camps auschwitzIf you arrive to the huge former concentration camp in Auschwitz extermination camp you would be demonstrated plenty of traces of the difficult struggle having occured there. All objects preserved at that place genuinely show the real pains and battles of the sufferers. Continue reading

Gorge of Dunajec as the biggest tourist attraction in Pieniny National Park.

dunajec river raftingThe Dunajec River Gorge, called as the jewel of Pieniny Mountains Region, is virtually one of the most appealing spots you should come across during travelling to Poland. It is located on the south of Poland and in the northern Slovakia. The Dunajec River Gorge makes up the well-known traveller area where you will participate in the water travel experience along theRiver. Dunajce gorge forms 7 meanders and is closed by truly high limestone and dolomite stones. Continue reading

See Polish mountains

TatrasForming the highest mountains along the Carpathian Mountains region, Tatra Mountains lie in the neighborhood the Polish border with Slovakia. They offer the highest mountain tops which are 2655 meters high Gerlach in Slovakia and 2499 meters high Rysy at Polish side. The total lane’s length covers fifty-three kilometers. Continue reading