See Polish mountains

TatrasForming the highest mountains along the Carpathian Mountains region, Tatra Mountains lie in the neighborhood the Polish border with Slovakia. They offer the highest mountain tops which are 2655 meters high Gerlach in Slovakia and 2499 meters high Rysy at Polish side. The total lane’s length covers fifty-three kilometers.

Tatra resort is very touristed amid tourists who also head for near Zakopane town. Lovers of winterseason activities in the open air who go to Zakopane district rarely forget about Tatra Mountains. The resort offers the pure flora and fauna, fantastic sceneries and also the ideal skiing and rock climbing resources. Whatever your needs are, in Tatras holidaymakers may also hike, go for a bicycle, paraglide or choose any other leisure activity you prefers.

The stunning lake “Morskie Oko” (‘Sea Eye’) is an region you simply have to see when you’re in the region. Also don’t miss the chance to go to the Kasprowy Wierch where there is a chance to move inside a cable car and keep an eye on wonderful landscape in the meanwhile. Come to the Tatras and take advantage of the numerous attractions it gives!