Krakow Balice airport

katowice transfer In Poland, Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice might be treated as 2 of the most significant airports for the national well-being.
To be honest only airports in the capital city, and probably Wroclaw and Gdansk, are as significant to the Polish welfare.

There are some huge international airlines which operate on the Balice and Katowice airport. Ryan Air, with its outstanding amount of connections between Krakow and other cities, is the leading airline. The most popular are the flights to and from the UK as obviously loads of Polish people live there.

Very popular are cheap connections especially with Birmingham and Liverpool. Believe me or not, but buying a return ticket from the Great Britain to Balice airport for only 100zl is an absolute occasion. However, it is significant to mention, that Krakow Balice has got a great opponent – Katowice Pyrzowice. All two airports are comfortably getatable for travellers it is significant to mention that usually people decidedly are preffering individual Krakow airport transfers as method to get there.

To sum up both Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice airports have a definitely bright future. In the near future they are going to become important airports on the map for the passengers in the Central part of the continent. Thus, I absolutely recommend using these places while travelling.